Why bankruptcy ordinance may need more fine-tuning

Excerpts from the Coverage – ”Nidhi Singh of International Business Advisors, however, said that India’s insolvency laws will need a fair bit of fine-tuning, going forward, and the new norms are the only first step towards ushering in a viable bankruptcy law.”

“When there is a new regulation, things are ambiguous, and things have to be streamlined. The regulation has to be very specific to the territory we are in. We are currently in the first phase and are just starting to get into the second,” she said, adding that the second phase will have to follow a process to make a resolution plan. “So, issues such as the conflicting guidelines between CCI and SEBI would come up, and will be addressed.” To Read the full Coverage Click here

This Article has been published in VC Circle on November 29, 2017