Are We Waiting For A Bigger Cyber Attack To Strike In 2018?

Excerpt from the article” It’s the beginning of a new year and talking of cybersecurity in 2018, it seems like the cyberspace has not had a good start. Where a news agency reported that an online portal has been offering sensitive personal details like name, address and phone number by entering any Aadhar number for just Rs. 500, a new Android malware attack named ‘Android.banker.A9480′ affected numerous Indian banking and cryptocurrency apps which were designed to steal the login credentials of users.”

“2017, the year has gone by also experienced a good number cyber-security breaches and ransomware attacks like ‘Petya’, ‘Wannacry’ along with cases of data theft wherein the personal data of 57 million users of “UBER” was compromised. Shockingly, the reason behind the UBER attack was that the hackers were able to gain access to an external server of Amazon Web Services where the data was stored by simply hacking the login credentials of UBER employees.” Read more…..

This Article has been published in CXO Today on January 8, 2018