Accounting Support

Accounting Support

Whether you are a planning a new business venture or you are the promoter of an SME/startup, our aim is to help you grow your business to its full potential. With the growth of Indian Economy, SME’s are also growing rapidly and expanding their network beyond the national barriers. However, this growth gets stalled by a number of challenges like limited resources, lack of awareness about various tax & regulatory compliances etc. Being an SME our self, we understand that each penny spent by an SME is worth more than the penny earned, so they cannot afford to experiment on services which are noncore to them. We at IBA focus on giving our clients comfort and cost effective business solutions that makes us a perfect partner for SME and start up firms.

  • Assistance with International GAAP compliance and reporting
  • Assistance in data population for various compliance and other audits
  • Data visualization and report customization
  • Pre Due diligence reviews and Diligence support
  • Accounting Health Check reviews
  • Accounting advisory on various GAAP and interpretation issues
  • Data migration management and related reconciliations
  • Pre-audit reviews and audit support
  • Vendor/Customer reconciliations

Implementation of IND-AS

  • Assisting Companies in transition to IND-AS
  • Support on IND-AS related issues
  • Assistance in IND-As compliance and reporting

IFC formation and Testing

  • Formation of IFC deliverables
  • Testing the Controls implemented by the Company

Inventory and Fixed assets control

  • Assistance in physical verification of assets and inventories
  • Related reconciliation services
  • Assistance in Fixed assets and inventory management
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