Information technology and Cybersecurity

We are an expert team providing consulting & risk management services aligning with your business requirements.

We strengthen your digital security, protecting you from new generation cyber threats and help achieving desired compliance level using tailor made solutions and consulting services.

Our services include:

IT Risk Assessment and Management
  • Assist in management of IT risks to the organization
  • Promote awareness of IT risks and impact of these on the integrity of business processes
  • Facilitates to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Assist in identifying IT risks affecting the applications in particular and business in general
  • Introduce, modify, improve and integrate Digital Security processes within your organization
  • Assistance in finding Security gaps and manage the risks
  • Helps meeting your compliance requirements which may include regulatory requirements or organization’s policy driven needs
  • Helps quantify your information risk and provide adequate information security funding
  • Provides reasonable assurance and protection against financial losses through fraud / or attacks
Business Continuity Planning
  • Increased understanding of business risk and identification of risk mitigating factors
  • Minimized Network/IT/process downtime and reduced exposure (financial & operational)
  • Development/Deployment of comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery framework
  • Increased level of preparedness to manage a disaster and improve disaster readiness for a Client
  • Improved response to incident or potential incident and minimize service downtime thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and maintenance of brand image
Control Testing
  • Assist in maintaining a strong internal control structure
  • Promote awareness of IT risks and impact of these on the integrity of business processes
  • Facilitates to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Assist in identifying IT risks affecting the application in particular and business in general
License Management
  • Ensure cost effective purchase and maintenance of software assets
  • To ensure good corporate governance of an enterprise’s software assets
  • Absence of license management indicates weaknesses in other IT processes and likely higher costs of those processes
  •  Effective and efficient response to increasingly likely software vendor compliance activities
ERP and Software Testing
  • Automation of controls resulting in reduction of human intervention and possibility of manual errors
  • Independent assessment of application controls
  • Improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of processes and business operation
  • Reduction in compliance and monitoring costs and effective and efficient testing of internal controls over financial reporting
  • Increased awareness of effect of application system controls on confidentiality, integrity and availability of financial information
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Assist in detection of vulnerabilities in IT assets such as applications, servers, network devices and others
  • Provide professional expertise and advisories for remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate security performance against global standards
  • Compare security practices across divisions and functions to a common baseline
  • Identify critical security risks and weaknesses
  • Penetration testing can be performed remotely to affect an attack over the internet, or internally as by an individual with physical access to your network
Project Management
  • Ensures an independent and experienced handling of IT projects
  • Ensures cost effective and timely management of projects
  • Security controls can be implemented during the project cycle itself
  • Achievement of overall project objective
Website and Web Application Security Testing
  • Emulating the approach used by hackers
  • Identifies specific vulnerabilities and provides detailed instructions to mitigate or eliminate each risk
  • Fortify your information systems, applications, website and network infrastructure
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
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