Litigations with the GST Department

Client Industry :  Service Industry – Finance

Background :

The client was a Private Limited Company which leverage its proprietary technology to intermediate between the banks and customers seeking banking products. The client was in receipt of various notices from the GST Department pertaining to short payment of taxes and excess Input tax credit availed in the GST returns. Accordingly, the client was asked to furnish a reply and deposit the tax amount involved along with applicable interest and penalty. Thus, the client has approached us to assist in litigating with the GST Department.

Our Approach :

  • We reviewed all the filed GST returns and prepared a comparative statement reconciling the books of accounts with the information and the tax thereon deposited in the GST returns
  • We ascertained the actual reasons for the differences as mentioned in the notices and prepared a suitable reply along with back up workings
  • We submitted the reply and liaisoned with the Department including attending the personal hearings before the concerned officers on behalf of the client
  • We also replied to the follow up queries and deficiencies raised by the Department

Outcome/Impact :

We successfully obtained the order issued by the Department without the client having to pay any excess amount of interest or penalty. Thus, the client did not face the burden of depositing any extra amount hindering its cash flow.

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